Mantastic! Podcast #20 Suicide

A very relevant topic at the moment and one that is always necessary to have a discussion around. Suicide, at some point, can affect everyone directly or indirectly. Financial hardship, Relationship failure, low self-worth, life is too hard, abuse, there are all sorts of reasons people get to the point where they are tired of trying at life and feel like they can't, don't want to or won't keep living, either way, a common thread in reaching the point of calling it quits in this life seems to be catalyzed by overwhelming feelings of shame. When someone commits suicide, families suffer, and the ripple effect of suffering is exponential, which is weird when I consider that life is meant to be for joyful living. What to do when someone tells you they want to commit suicide and how to handle it. Our panel today whirls this serious topic around sharing personal stories with a great, revealing round-robin on the topic Watch on Youtube channel

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