A transformational coach and healer, specialising in working with people who feel trapped in life, feel unhealthy, diseased or who want to change their life in an altogether new direction. He helps people work with life issues and guides them in bringing out the best, while healing the worst. He helps people with physical issues, mental issues, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, and guides them in a way that helps them lead a relaxed, happier more fulfilling life.


  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Pain and Trauma Release
  • Powerful Energy Healing



Robert, originated from a small mining town 12 miles outside of Glasgow, in Scotland. His passion is Health and Wellbeing and has been since donning his first tracksuit at the age of 6. He can still remember the feeling that came over him as he went out on his first run. And then like many Scottish youths, he went off the rails. 

In 2004, Robert refocussed and started working at a gym while completing an HND in Health and Fitness. He has gone on to be a successful personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach, running his own studio while travelling, working with clients such as Business Leaders, Doctors, Professional Athletes, Personal Trainers, and Teachers alongside studying with the best in the industry across the globe

The path of all great coaches and healers is through the blessing, burden, and pains of healing themselves, Robert is no different having walked and sometimes dragged himself through his own personal healing pains of addiction, mental illness, physical and emotional traumas and evolved beyond them all to hold space and support others to walk the same way.

Robert does not give advice to his clients, however instead through many trainings, diplomas, degrees, and especially a wise mentor from India he has developed a system where he walks hand in hand with his clients as they follow the advice of their own inner wisdom, walking in to new happier, healthier, more loving and energised way of life that suits them while honouring those around them.

Robert now feels very privileged to do what he does with clients, specifically focusing on Lifestyle Coaching, Pain and Trauma Release and Powerful Energy Healing – taught by the first female to ever work at NASA, Dr Barbara Brennan who developed her own science of healing the human energy systems. This work is very special, and Robert is still a beginner, having only studied 4 years (Brennan Healing Science Practitioner Graduate) of the 7 years training at her Florida School. 

He has discovered that most of his clients own inner advice goes against the grain of modern life, with around 65% of people in the UK medicating in some way daily perhaps some inner guidance is what is needed instead and it is now time for us all to walk our own path!


"Robert's loving acceptance and warmth helped me find new parts of myself I'd never seen before. I saw my shadow, my light and all in between. Some of my journeys inside were very vivid. I can still recall with clarity those places inside me. The healing journey brought my inner peace to the present. I cannot offer you any feedback on how you guided me as I felt this was incredible."  Gilles.

"I have been coaching for eight hours today and, for the first time in what feels like years, I feel energetic and motivated, excited and joyful, and I had fun! I am feeling my feelings in my body, I am starting to wake up to the value that this adds to my life and how this will impact every relationship I have. Robert, thank you for being the gentle, powerful change maker that you are. Jane.