Creating spaces for people to connect, learn, and heal is key to Thomas’ approach. He is passionate about uncovering unconscious motivations which influence human behaviour. This allows people to increase their self-awareness of the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that influence and shape their private and working relationships.



  • One-to-one learning, training and support 
  • Service user learning, training and support 
  • Professional Development for individual and team learning, training and support 
  • Recovery from addiction, early childhood trauma and inherited limiting beliefs for adults 


Thomas has over 33 years of experience working in the public, private and voluntary sectors and is passionate about creating communities of learning and support. He is an active member of the Edinburgh Men’s Group community and has facilitated Men’s emotional development work with the internationally renowned ManKind Project since 2007.

Thomas can help individuals, leaders and managers with:

  • Community & Team Development by showing you how to create authentic connections, trust and healthy relationships, using your head and your heart
  • Mental Health & Well-being issues such as anxiety, conflict resolution, depression, frustration or workplace stress by helping you learn new ways to think and feel about you and your environment.
  • Motivation & Focus by supporting you to build your confidence and improve your engagement, enjoyment & productivity in any social, professional or workplace environment.

Thomas' main projects have included:

  • Pioneering changes to operational policing practice and trauma-informed responses in the Family Protection Unit specialising in restorative youth justice from 2000 to 2003
  • Introducing and promoting the nurturing learning philosophy of a Growth Mindset and Community of Philosophical Inquiry (CoPI) to Education in East Lothian from 2010 to 2020
  • Creating and maintaining sustainable support circles for Men, Co-Gender groups, Foster Fathers and Male Adopters in Edinburgh, Fife and the Lothians since 2019
  • Confident Classrooms and A Mind To Teach (AMTT), accredited by the CPD Standards Office (England and Wales) on behalf of Steve Carr (Founder, AMTT) since 2019
  • Completed Basic Facilitator Training (BFT) in Shadow Work™ with Shadow Work Training Europe in October 2020 and is currently working towards becoming a certified Shadow Work™ Facilitator and Coach
  • Writing his first book on how family stories influence us, our children and our future based on how human beings learn through relationships, unconscious motivations and habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours from 2005 to present


“Thomas has the ability to create a safe space where individuals and teams are supported to explore, learn and develop. He is extremely skilled and can both hold and push individuals and teams to reach their potential and beyond. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” - Sue

"Excellent facilitator – ensured everyone was heard and kept everyone safe.” - Christopher