Empowering You

(be yourself, because everyone else is taken)

At XYC-LIFE we advocate for self awareness and an appreciation of our interconnectedness to the world and those around usOur development programme uses the framework of the four main archetypes
the King, the Warrior, the Lover and the Magician  (illustrated below).  This established method applied as a practical guide will help you to understand and balance yourself, empowering you to be an actualised man and leader who can begin the journey to your fullest self and best life!

Archetypes guide human behaviour, they are made up of our strengths, beliefs, values, weaknesses, personality traits, motivations, and fears. They influence the way we behave and help us understand the ‘different parts’ of ourselves, giving us insights into how we tick, why we might behave in certain
ways and guide us towards improvements.

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The King archetype, in its most mature form, is the leader in our lives. He holds our sense of mission, purpose, and vision. He leads others by example and is accepting, generous, just, clear, and wise. A good expression, one that captures the essence of this sovereign energy within, is “the heart centred leader”.

The Warrior is humble and knows his boundaries and limitations. His focus is clear and detached. Composed in times of crisis, he accepts the challenges of life and keeps a peaceful and solution-oriented attitude. Representative of strength and prowess, he can use healthy aggression to protect those he loves and what he believes in. Loyalty, purpose and adaptability are key traits. 

The Lover lives in the present moment. A man who connects with his lover is more in tune with flow of his emotions and the sensuality of his body. He is attractive, healthy, potent, playful, and creative. He seeks love, beauty, and pleasure. His animal side is integrated. He is the artist, poet, singer, dancer and athlete who expresses all of himself without inhibitions or shame.

The Magician is a master of healing. He unites intuitive and logical aspects of his mind. He knows how to direct and use the energies of body, psyche, and nature in beneficial ways. As a scientist and strategist, he dives deep into the mysteries of the outer and the inner worlds, to find answers for his people. He is a storyteller, who makes information and insights available to others.

The masks we wear

Personality is a derivative of the word persona. Personality is defined as the characteristic sets of behaviours, cognitions and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors. A persona is the image or personality that a person presents in public or in a specific settingas opposed to their true self. Phew! That is a mouthful right, no wonder so few of us humans manage to get a grasp on this concept, and we can all feel so alone when surrounded by people. Let’s break it down.