To Be your best

“ leadership is outdated, and, more importantly, counterproductive. By focusing too much on control and end goals, and not enough on their people, leaders are making it more difficult to achieve their own desired outcomes…

To put it bluntly, servant-leaders have the humility, courage, and insight to admit that they can benefit from the expertise of others who have less power than them. They actively seek the ideas and unique contributions of the employees that they serve. This is how servant leaders create a culture of learning, and an atmosphere that encourages followers to become the very best they can.” - How Humble Leadership Really Works by Dan Cable

The world is getting bigger and more complex. Confronted with seemingly insurmountable challenges, the times we live in call out desperately for leadership, but not the leadership we’ve always known. The old model of centralising power and calling it leadership is exclusionary and limiting. It assumes one size fits all and is cumbersome and unresponsive.

The current individual-centric mode of leadership was only effective because of the fast disappearing regionality of the world. The smaller the playing field the less the stresses to the operation. However as the world becomes more and more integrated the focus on the singular vision of an individual has made the limitations glaringly obvious.

This does not mean there is no longer a place for leadership; rather the contrary, leadership is needed now more than ever. Leadership grounded in and infused with values. Leadership that eschews the temptation of individual merit for the collective benefit of collaboration and inspiration.

More and more we are awakening to our intertwined existence, our reliance and dependency on each other. This is not a by-product of global trade, this is humanityServant leadership is not threatened by the intricacy of the situation. Instead of imposition, servant leadership seeks collective reasoning. Instead of punishment, servant leadership counsels and empowers. Instead of serving self interests, servant leadership grows with the collective.

Through modernised tools of development XYC-Life seeks to help build and capacitate the leaders of tomorrow.


"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever" Mahatma Ghandi