XYC-LIFE is here to help, develop, support, educate and facilitate that big idea.

Established to short-circuit and interrupt the status quo, social stigmas and limiting beliefs surrounding men's mental and emotional health, physical and spiritual wellbeing and the current leadership dynamic in our world for everyone.

We facilitate this by understanding our clients, offering premium resources and high-level coaching, mentoring, and expertly facilitated workshops on all levels that are all dynamic, experienced, authentic, and out of the box personal, in this way encouraging growth by way of challenging and reframing old and limiting beliefs and removing the hurdles we create for ourselves by the stories we make up about our lives and tell ourselves.

Our services work towards empowering individuals and organisations to find the perspective they need to better themselves and their employees as they wish. Our work offers purpose, understanding, high performance, learning and confidence, starting with taking responsibility for ourselves, our actions, and our impact on the world.

We are based in North Somerset near Bristol and provide online and in-person services, talks and workshops to men and organisations with great success. We have 50 five-star google reviews and a lengthening track record of accomplishment with multiple free Resources and signposting options available on our online platform as well as Books' n stuff and a Blogs & Podcast library; we add new episodes regularly.

we offer three categories of specialisation:


Access resources and high-level specialist coaches and mentors with life experience to support their accreditation and specialisation. Men are our primary client base. We specialise in men's mental and emotional health and workplace wellbeing. Working with men to help heal wounds, rise up a level in their lives, raise awareness, increase performance and all-around personal and professional wellbeing, accomplishment and mature masculinity. Contact Brad for more details.



Offer your services, talents, skills, and experience. Advertise and promote your coaching or therapeutic practice with us and join our growing community. Link with our professional network and start meeting new clients. Whether you're a sole practitioner or an organisation, we're here to help reach clients and contribute to blogs, podcasts and thought leadership pieces on our site and community. Contact Brad for more details.

 Email Brad Letstalk@xyc-life.com


Our experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable facilitators and culture specialists work with you to discover your organisation's culture, learning and development, leadership development and equity, diversity and inclusion needs. This leads to a greater degree of awareness and tolerance in the workplace, a higher employee retention rate and happiness factor, accountable and healthier workplaces, and attracting the right calibre of employees for you. Contact Brad for more details.


1-1 coaching with specialist male coaches that have a wealth of knowledge, experience and credentials

Our 1-1 coaching is offered predominantly online on Zoom unless pre-arranged by exception. 

Currently we host a directory of 6 Coaches and Therapists:

  • Performance, Lifestyle & Mental & Emotional Health Coach Specialist
  • Grief Coach Specialist
  • Teacher Coach Specialist
  • Shadow work Coach Specialist
  • Energy healer & Lifestyle Coach Specialist
  • Body Wellness & Wellbeing Coach Specialist

We have a standby list of Coaches, Counsellors and Therapists with specialties in a variety of modalities and formats including rainbow BTGQ and men of colour.

group coaching is offered and xpression (talking & listening) circles


Online on Zoom and face-to-face group sharing and listening circles all facilitated by qualified men. Topics and subject matter according to need and theme. These include support circles with a scope of subject matters covered including men experiencing and dealing with:

  • Performance Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Grief
  • Understanding & Balancing Emotions
  • Feeling Alone
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Debt and Financial Hardship
  • Gender Confused/Gender Change Children
  • Divorce
  • Being a Step-Father

workshops and talks  

Online on Zoom and face-to-Face. Topics and subject  matter according to need and theme. Inspirational personal stories, teachings and philosophies, including understanding and leadership for diversity, equity & inclusion.

Let's Talk


  • At Resources we provide and boast an exciting, trendy signpost directory the largest of its kind in the UK catering to all formats of male mental and emotional health support, an A-Z of charities and non-profits across the UK, including England, Northern Ireland, Wales & Scotland.

  • At Books-n-stuff, listing recommended books to read and listen to a plethora of philosophies, therapies and self-development strategies and stories covering multiple themes and disciplines. 

  • At Blogs & Podcasts, we offer links to videos of our Mantastic! Podcasts Listed on Youtube, Spotify, Itunes, Amazon Music and Audible can be seen here On Spotify