Support: Mental Health

Back Onside

UK: Scotland

Improving the nation’s mental health through education, support and inclusion. Here in the UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health illness each year. Our goal is to help people rebuild their self-esteem by tackling some of the challenges caused by social exclusion, disability and other life circumstances.

Health & Wellbeing: Prostate/Testicular Cancer


UK: Greater Manchester

BaggyTrouserUK raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer, actively promoting the benefits of early detection and encouraging males to visit their GP if they detect any of the signs or symptoms. As well as delivering awareness talks and exhibitions, BaggyTrouserUK also provide financial and peer support to men who have directly been affected by testicular cancer via telephone, email, social media and a monthly peer support group.

Health & Wellbeing: Testicular Cancer



Almost 50% of cases are men under 35 but it is one of the most treatable and curable cancers if detected early. That’s why we want all young men to know about testicular cancer. Our aim is to break down barriers that exist amongst young men talking about the health issues that are relevant to them and create a generation of boys and men who are knowledgable about their health from school age.

Support: Young People



We work to improve the lives of every vulnerable child and young person in the UK. We run over 1000 services across the UK, working to build stronger families, safer childhoods and positive futures. We do this through counselling and long term support for children who have been abused, supported lodgings for care leavers, vocational training for young people, and many other vital services. Every Barnardo's service is different but each believes in the potential in every child and young person, no matter who they are, what they have done or what they have been through.

Support: Eating Disorders



Beat provides Helplines for adults and young people offering support and information about eating disorders. These Helplines are free to call from all phones.

Support: Teens

Being Mankind

UK: London

Being ManKind is on a mission to inspire boys to grow to be kind and confident adults without feeling the need to conform to traditional gender stereotypes. We’re starting off the conversation with our first publication, Being ManKind Volume 1. This book is a collection of inspiring stories told by men from all walks of life. Each is an honest account of their experiences, covering important topics that are not always openly discussed, such as sexuality, mental health, and body image.

Support: Black African and Caribbean

Black Thrive

UK: Lambeth

Black Thrive is a partnership between communities, statutory organisations, voluntary and private sector. They work together to reduce the inequality and injustices experienced by Black people in mental health services. They address the barriers which lead to poorer outcomes across a range of social factors, such as education, employment, housing, and so on, all of which may negatively impact one’s health and wellbeing. The partnership is supported by a Facilitation Team who help to guide the vision for the work. They ensure that activities reflect the views of people who are affected by mental health inequalities and that resources are well-coordinated and complementary. They do not provide services, but support changes within the system by connecting people and organisations. They create opportunities for the NHS, local council, police and the voluntary sector to work with communities and they also work to make sure change happens within the centre of these institutions and is sustained in the long-term. 

Support: Group talk

Bloke Coach


Bloke Coach provides you with a safe, secure, comfortable and intimate environment where you can share ongoing issues we all have to deal with yet often can’t talk about, share or even admit to. Bloke Coach could be the first step of your journey, or even a stepping stone within the journey you are already on or have already completed. Bloke Coach is a place where you can truly feel like you are not alone, and where  “it’s ok, not to be ok”. Our support is through secure, confidential email.

Health & Wellbeing: Men's Health

Blue Ribbon Foundation


The Blue Ribbon Foundation is passionate about promoting better health and wellbeing for men. In short, we empower men to take responsibility for their health, by providing positivity, passion and a push. We also provide links to quality information and support, and encourage men to look after themselves better.

Support: Dads

Book Trust UK


Book Trust is the UK’s largest children’s reading charity. We are dedicated to getting children reading. Each year we reach 3.9 million children across the UK with books, resources and support to help develop a love of reading. We get children reading in lots of different ways, but our priority is to get more children excited about books, rhymes and stories – because if reading is fun, children will want to do it. We run nationwide programmes – like our flagship programme Bookstart. We reach millions of families across the country each year with books, resources and advice to encourage parents and carers to start reading with their babies right from the beginning.

Support: Domestic Abuse

Break the Silence UK


Domestic Abuse has a detrimental effect on society as a whole. Here at Break the Silence UK, we believe that all aspects of society including age, race, class and gender are affected by this devastating practice. Using our knowledge, expertise and trauma informed approach, we believe that victims from all segments of society are affected as well as in need of tailor made, informative and trauma informed support. Here at Break the Silence UK, it is our mission to provide support for all. We understand differing dynamics and support humankind in it’s efforts to break the silence and live a violence free existence.

Support: Asian, African and African-Caribbean Men

Breaking The Silence

UK: Bradford

As men we understand how difficult it is to seek help. To be a man, we’re told, is to be strong, independent, powerful, in control, to strive for success and to never share feelings. Reality however is a little different and restricting how we can and cant behave/feel makes it harder to deal with the challenges life throws our way. We specialise in helping men with: anxiety, depression, intimacy, stress, self-esteem and confidence, assertiveness, trust, panic, aggression, guilt, honour, shame, substance misuse, relationship problems, marital breakdown, parenting, social isolation/loneliness, selfcare.

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