When Ashley attended the ManKind Project NWTA training in 2011, he realised what he wanted to do. He wanted to learn how to facilitate complex emotional work. He experienced a transformation in himself that day and witnessed the other men on the training have similar life changing experiences.



  • Deep emotional Trauma

  • Physical pain

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Failing relationships

  • Anger and Rage

  • Confidence



He developed a keen interest in Psychology and spent the next few years learning about different aspects of Psychology, human behaviour and different ways to work with emotional trauma.

Of all the modalities he explored, he found Shadow Work to be the most effective in healing limiting beliefs and resolving past trauma that impacts a person’s current behaviour and general emotional health.

Shadow Work takes a person on a journey into their psyche. Learning how previous situations and trauma helped to create the way they see the world and themselves, but also how their thinking, belief systems and emotional responses were crafted by these experiences.

By delving into the psyche in this gentle and supportive way, a person can find how to change the stories that have been driving the bus. It provides a space and the tools for the person to show up in their lives and emotional situations in a new way. More robust, more open to connection, joy and love.

In 2018 Ashley decided to expand his offering of trauma healing therapy by becoming a Biodynamic Massage Therapist. To further assist clients in being able to unlock the trauma they have  experienced, which is not only stored in memories and behavioural patterns in the brain but also stored in the physical body.

Since 2014 he has been coaching one to one and still returns to staff ManKind Project trainings to give back to the community that bought him to the work of personal development and healing trauma.


"I had a great session with Ashley. I felt held through the whole process and safe to explore my different parts. Afterward the session I felt more connected to myself and able to express in a whole new way. The session shifted unconscious blocks and my life has changed for the better. I would highly recommend ashley to anyone looking to connect more deeply to themselves and find the rewards this brings. Best of luck to you all." Christopher 

"Ashley created a safe place to allow me to air my personal challenges which have been holding me back in life. He then allowed me time and space and facilitated me with great care, love and guidance to help me understand where these dynamics developed from. With his guidance and support I developed an understanding of how these dynamics where playing out in my adult life and how they were impacting & constraining me. With the follow up sessions Ashley provided great support and care in allowing me to take gradual steps which built momentum and has resulted in a significant positive change in my life. I never felt rushed and always felt safely held with love and care. His deep understanding allows Ashley to carefully take you where you need to go to get the healing, we all deserve, and with his knowledge and wisdom he allows you to build positive change to improve life. I am eternally grateful for my sessions with Ashley and I thoroughly recommend Ashley as a certified Shadow Work Coach if you are looking to make positive changes in your life." Jat