The world’s leading men’s development platform, helping men come together and find their voices and access self-development resources and services, developing healthier organisation workforces in our stride.

Provide men everywhere access to support and the courage to live a life of integrity to be better for themselves, their families, communities and the planet. Inspire and develop inclusive leadership and healthy workplace cultures.

Accountability – We do what we say we will do. We do not do what we say we will not do. We take responsibility for our actions, thoughts and feelings.

Courage – We have strong convictions about the work of personal and leadership development and believe in choosing courage over comfort in our pursuit of these outcomes.

Diversity Awareness – We recognise that in our world, we must live in harmony with people who are different. We strive to understand ourselves and others and to celebrate our differences.

Inclusive Leadership – We step forward to offer heart-led servant leadership. We may not always get it right. We continue to seek and understand community rather than dominate or oppress. We believe that being inclusion-minded and operating with a lens of equity are leadership competencies with growth capabilities that require influence and not necessarily a title or position.

Integrity – We live our values. We trust ourselves to consider integrity first.

Results  We are results-driven and believe in solutions that lead to transformative and sustainable impact for individuals and organisations.